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Vitamin C, E + Ferulic Acid Serum

Vitamin C, E + Ferulic Acid Serum
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Vitamin C, E + Ferulic Acid Serum

Marie Veronique Vitamin C, E + Ferulic Acid Serum
1 oz

Marie Veronique Vitamin C, E + Ferulic Acid Serum

Marie Veronique’s serum boost’s antioxidants during the day and builds collagen at night. Vitamin C, E and Ferulic Acid combination delivers a sun protection boost to daily sunscreen. Vitamin C provides antioxidant protection and works at night to rebuild collagen. This dual purpose facial product protects by day and repairs at night and is safe for use by all skin types. Marie Veronique Vitamin C, E + Ferulic Acid Serum increases environmental protection and is a good alternative to Retinol for pregnant women.

vitamin c, vitamin e, ferulic acid combination ferulic acid is a potent plant antioxidant. studies show that combining it with l-ascorbic acid and vitamin e, also powerful antioxidants, not only increases overall antioxidant protection, but doubles the sun protection offered by your sunscreen.

co-enzyme q a powerful anti-oxidant that boosts skin repair and regeneration.

astaxanthin a very powerful antioxidant from the carotenoid family that protects against long-wave radiation damage.

camellia sinensis (green & white tea) infusion, citrus aurantium (neroli) hydrosol, lavandula angustifolia (lavender) hydrosol, olea europaea (olive) oil, leucidal (leuconostoc/radish root ferment), populus tremuloides (aspen) bark extract, isododecane (stabilized l-ascorbic acid), mixed tocopherols (vitamin e), xanthan gum, ferulic acid, n-acetyl glucosamine, niacinamide, non-gmo sunflower lecithin, sodium salicylate, potassium sorbate, probiotic complex, coenzyme q, astaxanthin, lycopene.

essential oils: lavandula angustifolia (lavender), helichrysum italicum (helichrysum), cistus ladanifer (cistus), curcuma longa (turmeric).

Shake well before each use. Apply a thin layer of Vitamins C+E+Ferulic Serum after cleansing and misting. Follow that with an application of an oil blend, such as Marie Veronique's Protective Day Oil, and lastly apply a tinted sunscreen, such as Marie Veronique's Everyday Coverage Tinted Sunscreen, SPF30. If irritation develops discontinue use and consult a physician. Keep in a cool place out of direct sunlight.

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