Natural and Organic Body Scrubs and Exfoliants - Credo
Coco Rose Body Polish

Herbivore Botanicals

Coco Rose Body Polish

$ 36.00
Lemongrass & Lime Sugar Scrub
Coconut Citrus Scrub

Indie Lee

Coconut Citrus Scrub

$ 38.00
Body Scrub Cardamom & Coffee
Gentle Action Water Peel for Body
Sold Out
Moroccan Mint Salt Scrub with Sea Kelp Organic Body Scrub
Smoothing Body Scrub
Sold Out
Black Coffee with Ras el Hanout Organic Body Scrub
Body Scrub

SW Basics

Body Scrub

$ 22.00
Orange Blossom Ylang Bang Sugar Body Polish
Smoothing Body Scrub

Tata Harper

Smoothing Body Scrub

$ 75.00
Marula African Muti Mud Body Scrub
Invigorating Coffee Scrub

What better way to thoroughly cleanse, exfoliate, smooth, and refresh your body than with a natural body scrub? The gentle mineral and nutrient rich grains in body scrubs leaves the skin feeling new and polished, while their fragrance soothes your mind and senses.

Credo’s clean body scrubs not only help to soften and slough off dead skin, but they also purify pores, priming the skin to absorb and lock in hydration when you apply moisturizer. Infused with natural oils, vitamins and organic exfoliants, our body scrubs are tender on the skin while restoring luster, improving texture and cultivating a naturally enhanced radiance.

Make body scrubs your go to for a spa like treatment at home that results in renewed skin with every use. Credo is committed to bring you a host of refreshing bath and body products. Explore our range of shower gels and bath soaks for a rejuvenating body cleanse.  

Totally clean, Super good, Absolutely beautiful.


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