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Beautiful Body Blend

Tony & Tina

Beautiful Body Blend

$ 165.00
Tropical Body Treatment
Soothing Muscle Gel

Tata Harper

Soothing Muscle Gel

$ 42.00
Hammam: Jasmine Rose Rhassoul Clay

A combination of aroma therapy, skin and muscle soothing oils, detoxifiers and clarifiers, body treatments are carefully designed to leave every part of you feeling clean and relaxed. Whether you want tighter skin, muscle relief or all over deep hydration, we have a body treatment just for you.

Credo’s range of clean body treatments includes detoxifying clay, muscle soothing gel and cellulite treatment blends. Each product contains exotic organic oils that hydrates and calms to heal the skin. You will enjoy visible, glowing results that consistently make you feel rejuvenated.

Explore similar, body pampering and enhancing products from Credo like nourishing hair treatments and cellulite treating body oils for clean beauty that refreshes you from head to toe.

Totally clean, Super good, Absolutely beautiful.


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