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Stellar Shave Cream

Ursa Major

Stellar Shave Cream

$ 24.00
Coconut Oil


Coconut Oil

$ 25.00

Shaving with soap and water often dries up the skin, stripping it of essential nutrients with every stroke. Get smoother, better hydrated free skin with our shaving creams that contain natural ingredients that protect the skin and provide an efficient shave.

Enjoy Credo’s range of clean shave creams that soothe and nourish the skin with soap free formulas. Primarily infused with plant oils and organic extracts, our shaving creams are gentle on sensitive skin, giving it the hydration it needs.

Discover the world of clean and healthy skin with our collection of cleansing shower gels and bath products that make you feel beautiful from head to toe every day.

Totally clean. Super good. Absolutely beautiful.


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