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Dry Skin? Just dew this.

By Jennifer Larson   Dry January. Yep, it’s a thing. It’s even earned a moniker, a la Brangelina and J-Rod…Dry-uary. Not that catchy but proof that it’s caught on enough to warrant a cute name....
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HOW TO WOW: A Makeup Look That Gets The Looks.

Sometimes you see someone with makeup so beautifully done, so dreamy, so “did she really do this on her own?” that you’re left wondering “can I really do this?” Our amazing makeup artist, Lisa Bensley’s short...
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How to save post-party skin

By Jennifer Larson  Sure, it was all fun and games last night at the company party, the white elephant or the up-too-late binge-watching soiree, but have you spoken to your skin? Perhaps you didn’t even...
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Credo and Mica...pushing for clean change

Clean beauty means more than just clean ingredients but ethical practices around those ingredients. See how Credo is trying to clean things up in the Mica mining industry...and keeping all our clean beauties shimmering (with...
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