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Vacation Mode - Beauty Routine for the Traveler in You

Vacation Mode - Beauty Routine for the Traveler in You

What jetlag?

We totally know you... and we’ve been you. If wanderlust is your middle name and a three-day weekend often turns into an excuse to get out of town, you’re the traveler. Whether it’s business, pleasure or a bit of both, you need a regimen that travels as well as you do. This is the clean routine that packs up nice, tackles sky high dryness, and climate change issues.  

Book your ticket... we’ve got your skin covered. 

Spacemasks Eye Masks

What flight?


Spacemasks Eye Masks are self-heating, jasmine-infused eye masks that will transport you to another dimension - helping to relieve tiredness, eye strain and other tensions caused by travel. Perfect to help you wind down on long flights/trains/car rides. The warmth comes alive as soon as you open it. So make sure you’re fully reclined and ready for lift off.

Josh Rosebrook Hydrating Accelerator

The perfect combo if you want to travel light.

Josh Rosebrook Hydrating Accelerator

Hydrator, toner, and a weightless moisturizer all in one. The Josh Rosebrook Hydrating Accelerator contains organic vitamin-infused aloe water and fatty acids that act to lower skin surface tension. Herbal anti-inflammatories help calm, relieve redness, and reset the skin. Land better than when you took off.

Rms Mod Collection

All you need. In one perfect place.

rms beauty mod collection

The Rms Beauty Mod Collection features the brand's multitasking essentials in the palm of your hand. Master Mixer, Living Luminizer, Lip2Cheek in Smile, Lip2Cheek in Spell, and Lip & Skin Balm in Simply Cocoa. 

All the summer makeup you need to touch up after a long ride, in one palette. 

OWA Haircare Moondust Hair Wash

Carry-on friendly.

Owa moondust hair wash powder

Don’t bother with TSA and their “this liquid doesn’t fly” policy. This pack-up-nice (sustainable form) powder shampoo turns into a silky, sudsy lather when mixed with water to gently cleanse and hydrate locks. Yes, coconut oil, protein & aloe vera...they’re all in your suitcase. Meet OWA Moondust Hair Wash.

Goop Chews Perfect Attendance

Energy to go. You’ve got plans.

goop perfect attendance chews

Bite-sized, delicious chews with a blackberry flavor. The new Perfect Attendance goop chews work to give you the boost you need and support your immune system when on-the-go - no water needed!  

Tower28 ShineOn Lip Jelly

This lasts… because you have to too.

Tower 28 Shineon Lip Jelly Xoxo

Tower28 ShineOn Lip Jelly is super glossy, never sticky, has the comfort and moisturizing power of a balm, and comes in 3 beachy colors or a perfectly clear gloss. Win, win, win. 

Heretic Dirty Mango

Enough said.

Heretic Dirty Mango

Heretic's Dirty Mango Eau de Parfum is an alluring, juicy scent that combines ripe mango with warm woodsy notes to immediately transport you to sultry tropical nights. An exotic getaway in a bottle. 

Reverie Mini Shampoo + Conditioner

No bad hair days allowed on vacay or staycay

 Vacation hair- elevated. Your favorite Reverie Shampoo and Conditioner are now available in TSA-approved travel sizes. This gentle yet powerful duo works to hydrate hair and enhance shine, while also nourishing the scalp. 

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