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Introducing Pact, a Nonprofit Beauty Collection Program

Introducing Pact, a Nonprofit Beauty Collection Program
A New Solution: Meet “Pact” 
The beauty industry generates an estimated 120 billion cosmetic packages annually, most of which are made with virgin plastic and are unlikely to be recycled. Packaging can last for many decades, even hundreds of years, and often pollutes communities and ecosystems.

Pact Collective: the first not-for-profit collection program for the beauty industry, by the beauty industry. 

Pact’s Mission:
Pact’s mission is to provide a solution for hard-to-recycle beauty packaging and to work toward greater circularity in the industry. 

“Hard-to-recycle” is defined as plastic packages smaller than a yogurt cup, squeezable tubes, pumps, caps, and other common formats that are unlikely to be recycled in curbside programs—even in “single stream” bins. Pact is giving these parts a new life.

The current linear, “take-make-waste” economy is inherently unsustainable, and our industry plays a big role. That is why Pact is working toward “circularity,” or a circular economy, meaning that we need to redesign products and systems to reduce or stop waste and pollution, and keep materials in use, circulating through the economy.

A collective effort:
Pact is a membership organization driven by four founding companies: Credo Beauty, MOB Beauty, Hudson’s Bay Company, and Element Packaging. These founders represent three of the major stakeholders in beauty-–retailers, a brand, and a packaging manufacturer–and that is by design.

                             Working at Element (FL) | Glassdoor

Credo is incredibly proud to be a founding member of Pact. With our friends at MOB, we have spent the past year articulating the organization’s vision, creating the model, piloting it in our stores, and now, bringing it to life. Pact launches across North America with recycling bins available in all 10 Credo stores on Earth Day, April 22, 2021.

We have a huge problem to tackle–this is a 
big undertaking. Pact is an evolution and spin-off of Credo’s long-standing commitment to sustainability and clean beauty leadership. We hope you’ll roll up your sleeves and join us.

So…What's the best way to actually recycle your beauty empties?
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