Recycle Your Empties with Credo
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Recycle Your Empties with Credo

Get 10 Credo Reward points each time you recycle a full size beauty product. 

Here's why it's important:

As climate change, plastic pollution and the health our of environment are top of mind for us at Credo, we feel it’s critical to recycle all beauty products safely and sustainably.  Most personal care and beauty products are classified as hazardous waste. This means that improper disposal of personal care and beauty products, such as putting them into the trash, is breaking U.S. federal law.

The exceptions to these rules is when these personal care and beauty waste items are considered solid waste, rather than hazardous waste, and when they are recycled in certain ways. Due to their varying small sizes and multi-composition material makeup (i.e. metal springs and plastic in a pump dispenser), most skincare and cosmetics packaging falls outside the scope of public recyclability. Thus, Credo is trying to make is easy for you to recycle your personal care products safely and sustainability.

Credo is proud to partner with TerraCycle, an environmentally friendly recycling program, where we’ll reward you with 10 Credo Reward points for every full size personal care/beauty product recycled at a Credo store.  We accept all beauty product- Credo and non-Credo products. To recycle your items, bring them to your local Credo store.  

Recycling for the win!

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Christine Franks

How do I find out where a local CREDO is near me?

April 23, 2019 10:42
elizabeth mcgwire

I really appreciate what Credo does in making great, clean cosmetics available. Please do not sully this concept by promoting bad information about “most cosmetics being hazardous waste” and “breaking federal law.” By their very nature, cosmetics are not hazardous because they are deemed safe for use on the body by the FDA. If a cosmetic is found to be hazardous, it is not permitted to be available. That is how the federal government regulates cosmetics; not by making us all criminals because we throw a bottle of unused shampoo in the trash. It is great that you are promoting recycling and use of less-chemical cosmetics. You don’t have to insight fear to do it. Promote truth. The chemicals that are in every day cosmetics, while safe for human use, are not holey beneficial for our bodies.

January 11, 2019 11:50

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