Meet SAINT Cosmetics with Katey Denno

Meet SAINT Cosmetics with Katey Denno

New brand alert! Meet SAINT Cosmetics. Long-wearing makeup that doubles as glowing skincare. We had our Brand Ambassador and Lead Makeup Artist Katey Denno test it out for you and share some products tips and tricks. Watch the video to see why she thinks that SAINT 'is doing it right'.

Katey Denno's tips: 

Tip 1: 

SAINT's Angel Face Perfecting Primer sets the tone for the most smooth, even application of foundation yet. I like to pump out a large pea sized amount and begin applying it – using clean fingers or a foundation brush in the center of the face, and feathering it outwards. You can easily layer this primer on top of your skincare, and then work in your Flawless Radiance Foundation on top of it, using fingertips or the same foundation brush. 

Tip 2: 
For those of you who have gotten used to the soft, more sheer lip color options within the clean beauty realm, I caution you: you might want to start applying these amazing Velvet Lip Creams with a tapping motion on your lips, essentially building up to the amount of serious color intensity you want.

If you start with a heavy-handed swipe, you might be shocked by just how similar these are to those mainstream, non-clean beauty brand, stay-put, vivid-color lipsticks! Clean beauty has arrived!

Tip 3: 
When you need hydration on your lips, but you also want a glossy pop of color, skip the lipstick and lip balm and go straight for SAINT's Amplified Lip Lacquer. It’s both super emollient and filled with a good amount of colorful pigment. I like to apply lip lacquer to mouths, and then use my ring finger to take it from the lips and tap it onto the apples of the cheeks, creating a flushed and glowy sheer blush.

Tip 4:
Because no pimple should be covered with the same concealer shade that you use to erase your under eye darkness, Saint made two concealer lines. The first one offers a good range of skin-tone matching shades to cover sun damage, scars, acne, etc. The other one is just the right peachy/orange base to cancel out those purple hues that so many of us have under our eyes. On The Go Perfecting Concealer generally looks best when a tint dot is placed only in the darkest part of the hollow beneath the eye, and gently blended up and out. You can add layers (dots) as you go, but starting small and light and blending well as you go is always best.

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