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Hammam: Tangerine Fig Butter Creme
Marula Botanical Body Cream

African Botanics

Marula Botanical Body Cream

$ 85.00
Candlenut Body Creme


Candlenut Body Creme

From $ 10.00 - $ 35.00
Dr. Shannon's Organic Skin Balm

SW Basics of BK


$ 32.00
Nature: Arctic Berry Cloud Milk Cream
Japan: Plum Blossom Silk Cream
Rise & Chill


Rise & Chill

$ 30.00

For deep hydration, conditioning and rich texture, our clean body creams are a go to. Our range of body creams can treat dry, aging and sensitive skin effectively and gently.

At Credo, we offer you only the best of natural body creams from reputable clean brands that are known for using organic and natural ingredients. With fruit extracts, hydrating essential oils, vitamins, antioxidants, and collagen boosting nutrients, each creamy body butter works to strengthen and regenerate your skin cells. Better skin texture and elasticity becomes visible on you with continued use.

We provide you safe and clean skincare options that enhance and maintain healthy skin. Explore our range of body creams, body lotions and brightening creams online.

Totally clean, super good, absolutely beautiful.


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