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1% of every purchase is donated to The Lipstick Angels.

Lipstick Angels provides care and treatment through compassionate
bedside delivery of our natural makeup and skin care brands to
seriously ill hospital patients.

Lipstick Angels believes that upholding the human dignity and self-respect of the patient is crucial to each individual's successful encounter and defeat of a chronic disease like cancer.

Lipstick Angels believes that without environments, attitudes and care that target treatment of the whole patient, modern medical technology (which targets only the disease) will not succeed in defeating chronic disease. Lipstick Angels supports the cutting edge global movement to broaden care and treatment of chronic disease to an integrative approach that includes compassionate support for a patient's emotional well-being and healthy state of mind.

We know that without a healthy state of mind, patients have no hope of containing, minimizing or reversing the physical, emotional, and communal destructiveness of chronic disease. We know that a positive self-image and intimate human contact are the keys to maintaining emotional resilience and a positive attitude and are thus the keys to achieving this transition.

Lipstick Angels provides these elements of care and treatment through compassionate bedside delivery of makeup and skin care to cancer and other chronically ill hospital patients, easing the burden of their encounter with disease, adding a dimension to care and treatment that is critical to successful individual healing, and bringing us all closer to the change needed to eliminate the specter of ever-growing devastation at the hands of cancer and similar diseases.

Renata Helfman Lipstick Angels Founder on Credo Beauty


"My dream is to make the Lipstick Angels a program that is accessible to all women patients in hospitals who need a beauty boost to remind them of the special women that they all are."


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