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Advanced Hydration Mask

Advanced Hydration Mask

A deeply hydrating facial mask that helps plump, condition, and nourish skin.

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Suitable for

Normal to dehydrated skin and sensitive skin.

Why we stand behind it

This innovative treatment was designed to replenish hydration. Aloe Vera and organic plant oils are paired with non-toxic Indian senna seed extract—frequently referred to as “botanical hyaluronic acid“—to help increase moisture retention, lock in hydration, and plump and soften skin.

Key ingredients

Indian senna seed extract: Helps increase moisture retention, lock in hydration, plump, soften, and reduce the appearance of tired skin.

this product meets

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This product is

Gluten Free


Mist face with Hydrating Accelerator. While damp apply Advanced Hydration Mask. Leave mask on for 15-25 minutes. Option: mist Hydrating Accelerator over face while mask sets. Remove mask with a clean dry cloth. Finish with the Active Infusion Serum and Vital Balm Cream. The Advanced Hydration Mask can be used as an effective hydration support treatment daily.


Leave on as an overnight sleeping mask. Apply to extremely dry lips or chapped skin in need of a comforting occlusive.

Full ingredient list

Advanced Hydation Mask: Ingredients: *shea butter || *mango seed butter || *aloe vera leaf juice || *indian senna seed extract (botanical hyaluronic acid) || *sunflower seed oil || *avocado oil || *jojoba seed oil || *evening primrose oil || ‡candelilla wax || *ashwagandha || *turmeric root || *rose hips || *goji berry || *calendula || *black cohosh || *elderberry || *bladderwrack || marshmallow root || *ginger || *fenugreek || *chickweed || *licorice || *raspberry leaf || *dandelion || *sage || *eyebright || *milk thistle || *rose petal flower || *st. john’s wort || *cat’s claw || *cinnamon || *lavender || *ginkgo biloba || §xanthan gum || potassium sorbate || †blue tansy essential oil || †blue chamomile essential oil || †lavender essential oil || ‡frankincense gum oil. || †rose essential oil


A calming, botanical aroma enveloped in comforting, sweet florals and light berry

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Josh Rosebrook

Josh Rosebrook is an integrity-founded, bio-designed, and research-driven skincare company headquartered in California. Josh Rosebrook focuses on advancements in cosmetic science, bioactive ingredients and sustainable practices to deliver optimum performance formulations that are inclusive to all skin and people.

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