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Sex Oil

Sex Oil
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Sex Oil

Province Apothecary Sex Oil
120 ml

Province Apothecary Sex Oil

Good for: All Skin Types

Totally Clean: No Petroleum, No Parabens, No Synthetic Fragrances, No Synthetic Ingredients, No Endocrine Disruptors, No Carcinogens, No Dyes, No Alcohol, No Solvents, No Pesticides, Non GMO, No Palm Oil, No Cosmetic Grade Ingredients

Super Good: This scent-free natural oil blend will hydrate and lubricate the skin.

Absolutely Beautiful: Province Apothecary Sex Oil won't irritate sensitive skin and doesn't need to be washed off after use. Great for every part of your body, this natural oil does not contain irritating or nasty ingredients.

Clean Swap: KY Jelly

Credo offers a wide range of natural body and skin oils from clean brands. Explore our range of skincare products and order from the comfort of your home today.

Totally clean, super good, absolutely beautiful.

fractionated coconut oil, sunflower seed oil*, evening primrose oil* and gmo-free vitamin e.

*certified organic ingredients

Use generously and apply where desired. Can safely be used with condoms made from lambskin and polyurethane (plastic). Do Not Use with Latex Condoms.

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