MEET MIA DAVIS: Director of Mission @ Credo | Credo Beauty
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MEET MIA DAVIS: Director of Mission @ Credo

MEET MIA DAVIS: Director of Mission @ Credo

Meet Our Newest Member Mia Davis, Director of Mission

I’m the Director of Mission. Let me explain.

Short answer: My mission, and that of Credo, is to reimagine beauty and skin care. I’m fighting for better, safer, more sustainable ingredients in the products we use on our bodies on a daily basis. Over time, this means more industry collaboration and clear demand for cleaner ingredients, as well as improved federal regulation. I’m also making sure you know what “clean” means today, and how the mission-driven beauty conversation (which I hope you’ll be a part of!) is ever-evolving.

Clean beauty products get more effective and awesome all of the time. (Something I have seen over the past decade in my work at the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, and recently at Beautycounter.) Whether you want to learn more about every ingredient in your skincare routine or are cool just knowing they all work, I promise to make clean beauty compelling and fun.

That’s my Credo.

Be well,