Armpit Detox: Now is the Perfect Time to Switch to a Clean Deodorant

Armpit Detox: Now is the Perfect Time to Switch to a Clean Deodorant

Written by Jen Larson

Silver Linings and when social distancing is actually not the pits. 

Let’s talk current-time silver linings. No wrong time to take a bath. No traffic. Ice cream for lunch (or is that just me?). Breaking in our sweatpants. Bare feet. Big, messy buns. And, wait for it…no better time to finally do that armpit detox you’ve been putting off and swap your conventional antiperspirant for a clean, cruelty free deodorant.  It’s time to get healthy, get the toxins out and let our underarms breathe, reboot and get ready for the clean, beautiful, smell of success. 

This was legit made for the 6-foot rule as the first few days can be a bit, um, personal. But know this is healthy, totally normal and needs to be done, like, yesterday. Let’s learn more about how to change things for the sweeter, better and oh-so-cleaner. Our amazing clean deodorant brand founders, Mary Futher from Kaia Naturals, Pippa and Neige Blair from Routine, and Allison Moss from type:A are here to teach you what to expect and how to get ‘er done.

1. Why you should switch to a clean deodorant:

Conventional antiperspirants often contain aluminum that blocks sweat glands and prevents your body from functioning normally to extract toxins and naturally detox.

According to Pippa and Neige from Routine "Most antiperspirants contain nasty chemicals that block your pores, keeping everything inside your body that should actually come out. Our armpit detox routine happens every single morning and starts first and foremost with using a deodorant instead of an antiperspirant. This allows your body to sweat a little bit so it can constantly detox any toxins - here at Routine we don't want to block your pores!"   

2. The Detox Process:

In the beginning, you may find your underarms talking back as “out with the old, in with the good” settles in with a bit of a vengeance. This is normal and will not last. This is simply the sweat ducts finally being freed up to breathe, reboot and speak their minds. 

As Allison from Type:A puts it, "After years (or decades) of having your sweat ducts plugged up by the aluminum salts in antiperspirants, your body needs to recalibrate and get used to sweating again."

"Transitioning from natural deodorant to antiperspirant takes time." confirms Mary of Kaia Naturals. “You may notice that your first week using natural deodorant works just fine, but then by week 2 you begin to sweat and smell a lot more. While you may think your natural deodorant isn’t working, it is in fact the complete opposite; your body is now in detox mode.”

Mary laid out what you can expect week by week while switching to a natural deodorant from a conventional antiperspirant:


Natural deodorants pull toxins from your pores and help to neutralize odor. The antiperspirant effect is usually still active and your underarms begin adjusting.


During the transition, the bacteria in your underarm will change. You may experience an increased growth of odor-causing bacteria. You may also feel additional moisture, which is temporary. Just give a warning to your stay-home buddies and don’t give up! 

Allison agrees...“During this 'recalibration' period (…) you may find yourself sweating more and notice a different, pungent odor from your sweat. Be consistent and try not to revert back to your old antiperspirant during the detox, as it will make it harder for your body to fully adjust.”

Insider tip: If you suffer from excessive body odor, try using the Kaia Underarm Bar before applying clean deodorant. It works to eliminate odor-causing bacteria thanks to activated charcoal and apple cider vinegar.


Bacteria levels may begin to subside. Underarm moisture levels normalize and the amount of odorous bacteria will begin to decline.


Your body should have fully adjusted to natural deodorant. Your detox is done. 

"You'll actually find with natural deodorant that you sweat less with time as your body doesn't have to work as hard to extract toxins." – Pippa and Neige confirm.

3. Let's get you started:

Here are our Credo Clean Stars that help you raise your hand and say yes to finally going to underarm rehab. 


The Innovator
An odor fighting deodorant containing baking soda, charcoal and spirulina.

The Visionary
A sweat-activated formula with leafy, subtle citrus and fresh herbal notes.

    Kaia Naturals

    The Underarm Bar 
    A cleansing bar designed to help keep body odor under control. 

    Sakura Blossom Deodorant
    A deodorant powered by activated charcoal with a lively, spring blossom scent.


      A cream deodorant with notes of vetiver, vanilla bourbon, cardamom, black pepper and tonka bean.

      The Curator (baking soda free)
      A baking soda free cream deodorant that smells like cocoa, eucalyptus and ultra-savvy intuition.

      So, while everyone talks about how to be productive during this phase of unexpected free time, we’re darn proud to have accomplished something so big...make that two big somethings. Maybe our closets aren’t organized, we haven’t learned a language or an instrument and online workouts seem more like a spectator sport….but our armpits have no complaints and they’re clean, detoxed and not looking back. You did good. Bring on Netflix. 



      More about Jen Larson: 

      Jen Larson Jen Larson is a Marin California-based writer & mom obsessed with dogs, wine & all things clean beauty. “I believe in controlling the things you can because I certainly can’t control how clean my house is with two teen boys and no aiming skills. But I can control how clean my skincare and makeup is. Credo is literally my candy store. From my Goop Exfoliating Facial that leaves me glowing even when I have done nothing to earn it – to my new favorite Khus + Khus face serum. This truly calms inflammation and I swear, my wrinkles are going – or possibly my eyes. And don’t forget my favorite pre-beach secret weapon -  the Bawdy SLAP it Butt mask with caffeine! Hey, don’t judge till you slap one on. I could go on…candy stores have that effect.

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