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Founder Spotlight: Indie Lee

We got a moment with Indie Lee to talk about the significance behind why she founded her gorgeous natural line on April 22nd, Earth Day, some of her clean beauty rituals and her own everyday Credo. 

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What made you want to start a beauty line?

When I was diagnosed with a potentially fatal brain tumor, my doctors told me it was likely environmental - meaning the chemicals found in everyday beauty products could’ve contributed to it. I wanted to create a skincare line that emphasized healthy and clean products, without sacrificing luxury. It shouldn’t have to be a “one or the other” decision.


Why is Earth Day significant to you?

It’s funny, I truly believe the universe sends you signs that you are on the right track. The doctors coincidentally chose Earth Day (4/22/09) for my brain surgery. Earth day is not only a day to celebrate this incredible planet - it’s also the day I celebrate waking up to the rest of my life.


What’s the best part of your job?

I work with an amazing team, they have truly become part of my family.  I also love connecting with customers/fans.  Social media has allowed me to interact on a daily basis and not just when I’m at an event.


Who/what do you draw inspiration from?

Nature continually provides me with brand and product inspiration. Sometimes it’s a particular ingredient or plant that peaks my interest, other times it’s a thought that comes to me while taking a long hike with my best friend.  


What’s your daily skincare routine?

I like to keep it simple. In the morning, I cleanse with the Rosehip Cleanser, followed by the CoQ10 Toner and moisturize with Squalane Facial Oil and a few drops of the Swiss Apple Facial Serum.  At night, I do the same routine and add some Eye Balm before heading to bed.  Sunday’s our my day to indulge a bit - I like to call it Spa Day Sunday. I’ll use our Clearing Mask and clean all my makeup brushes.


Rosehip Cleanser


What makeup do you wear?

My typical makeup routine is pretty simple. A little mascara, Ilia eyeliner (never leave house without it on), maybe a little eyeshadow and a Vapour or Kosas lipstick. Ever since I took chemo 8 years ago, my eyebrows have been incredibly sparse - so I fill those in too with EcoBrow.


What is one thing you do on a less than awesome day to stay an upbeat and positive leader?

If I’m feeling particularly overwhelmed, I try to step away from work for at least 15 minutes, do a little meditation, go for a walk, and just let myself regroup. It’s important to find something to ground you - life’s way too short to be negative. I also surround myself with people who always help me see the light at the end of the tunnel.


Do you have any non-beauty rituals that make you feel good?

Of course! I practice Transcendental Meditation daily.  It really helps keep me centered. Spending time with my kids and away from work is always the best and always helps me refocus.


Last but not least, what’s your everyday Credo?

Beauty is an inside job - it’s important to not let yourself get defined by external factors. Taking care of yourself is both a physical AND mental deal.

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