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Vapour Beauty

Challenging convention is never easy but the benefits are transformational. Inspired by the purity of light + elemental energy of Taos, New Mexico, Vapour’s clean color formulas offer sublime alternatives to conventional makeup. Vapour embraces formulation performance while honoring deep commitments to ingredient purity, transparency, inclusivity + sustainability.

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Vapour Beauty

Inspired by nature's precious resources, Vapour Beauty is unconventionally clean and is wildly unique. The name symbolizes Vapour’s shapeshifting form in that they are light and lucid, fluid, and inspiring users to free their being. 

Pure mineral pigments used in Vapour makeup adapt to your skin tone and reflect your unique aura. This is made possible by the light-reflecting minerals found in the pigments, which fill the skin with light and let your true color show. Rather than being concealed, every skin tone radiates from Vapour's shape-shifting shades. 

All Vapour makeup is plant-derived and is always chosen with consideration for the impact it will have on environmental habitats, water sources, and aquatic life. Since water is a precious, limited resource, Vapour Beauty has formulated 92% of its products without and only uses it when absolutely necessary. The Environmental Working Group and the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics have awarded Vapour Champion Safety Status for their significant efforts to protect the environment while manufacturing its beauty products.

Vapour Beauty distinguishes itself from other clean beauty brands by using 100% solar energy in its headquarters, warehouses, and research facilities. Not only does Vapour reduce its environmental impact through packaging, but they also collaborate with Cloverly, a company that assists organizations worldwide in neutralizing the carbon impact of shipping orders.

Check out our growing collection of Vapour Beauty products at Credo. Shop the high-performance Luminous Foundation stick that channels your inner glow and provides a silk-like finish. This foundation stick is perfect for quick touch-ups and on-the-go travel. Add the Lux Conditioning Tint to your travel bag for a multi-purpose stick that can be used directly on the lips or applied to the cheeks, eyelids, or anywhere you want a little added glow. 

Check out our growing collection of Vapour Beauty here at Credo Beauty, and don’t forget to treat yourself to some of your other favorite brands while you’re here.