Change Maker: Kapua Browning, Honua Hawaiian Skincare founder

Change Maker: Kapua Browning, Honua Hawaiian Skincare founder

What’s Hawaiian for Change Maker?


Actually the name means “Mother Earth” and that’s exactly where these beautiful and locally sourced ingredients in Honua Skincare's products are found – in the lush Hawaiian soil of her own backyard and backyards of the local farmers she calls neighbors.

Meet Kapua Browning, founder of Honua Skincare.

What started as a path to health and healing for her family, has turned into a natural botanical-based and locally sourced clean skincare frenzy.

Longtime esthetician and healing devotee, Browning harnessed the power of pure Hawaiian ingredients growing right in her own backyard and as the business grew, she enlisted local farms for the freshest, most effective ingredients for cleansing, moisturizing and beautifying skin. And she herself, along with her very own family worked the land along with the farmers. This passion and thoughtfulness towards treating the planet shows up beautifully in the products that help treat our skin.

"This sustainable sourcing wasn’t just the richest path to the best ingredients, it was the natural way to do things."

Keep it local. Keep it fresh. Keep it gorgeously effective and they will come. And they certainly did. Mindful and sustainable sourcing makes Honua one of our most beloved new skincare lines for reasons beyond our glowing skin…. thinking outside the bottle just feels good.

Honua doesn’t stop at local sourcing. The mindfulness of this beautiful line supports glass bottles, compostable outer packaging, commitment to reforestation and ocean plastic awareness. We love everything we just read.

Thank you Honua for unearthing such an amazing line and following such a mindful path towards a beautiful future. As if we needed another reason to love Hawaii…our skin, local farmers, the ocean and the planet loves Honua.
Change Maker indeed.

Shop the Brand:

Beauty Oil 
'Ōlena Beauty Oil
A multi-tasking daily facial oil. 

Cleansing Cream
Pa'akai Cleansing Cream
A daily facial cleanser that can also be used as a mask.

Aloha Youth Serum
A daily nutrient filled facial serum.

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