Your best daily skin care routine for oily skin

Your best daily skin care routine for oily skin

By Joshua Pierce, Head of Education at Credo

Oily skin is often misunderstood as being a bad thing. Oily skin is simply doing its job to keep your moisture barrier intact. (Your very important moisture barrier that supports other vital skin functions.) Oily skin is a good thing. Some would even argue that people with oily skin show less signs of aging due to the high levels of natural hydration these natural oils provide. All the dry skin types are screaming “oily skin, sign me up!”

We totally get it though, oily skin can lead to clogged pores and breakouts. And who wants to deal with that? CREDO DOES!!! Let us deal with it for you.

We have all the best daily clean beauty skincare products for oily skin types. Let’s work together to control your shine, pores and blemishes so you can feel happy and healthy in your skin.

1. Cleanser

Cleansing oily skin is key! You want a cleanser that will remove dirt, excess oil, makeup and SPF. The trick is it also needs to leave the skin balanced and nourished vs stripped and depleted. Reach for Ursa Major’s Fantastic Face Wash. It's the perfect gel cleanser to leave your skin feeling fresh!

Shop: Ursa Major Fantastic Face Wash

2. Exfoliator

Goop takes exfoliation very seriously. Their iconic Goopglow collection sets the standard for bright and radiant skin. The Goopglow Microderm Instant Glow Exfoliator is a perfect blend of grainy exfoliation and enzymatic exfoliation. Your pores will love you for sloughing away all that dead skin and sebum, allowing all of your other products to do their job better.

Shop: Goopglow Microderm Instant Glow Exfoliator

3. Mask

I’ve told customers with oily and acneic skin to look no further than Goldfaden MD for years! Our friends at Goldfaden really understand how to get targeted results with really thoughtful formulas like the Facial Detox Pore Clarifying Mask. In just 10-15 minutes, 4 times a week, their soothing blend of ingredients will snap those pores shut and help control your shine.

Shop: Facial Detox Pore Clarifying Mask

4. Toner

If you aren't a big fan of grainy exfoliators then you can reach for this fabulous toner by Neal’s Yard Remedies. The Wild Rose AHA Toner is a great alternative to manual exfoliation because of the exfoliating Caviar Lime extract which is gentle enough for daily use. It’s bright and fresh aroma leaves you feeling sparkly clean!

Learn more about why you need a toner in your skincare routine for oily skin.

5. Serum

Concerned about aging skin but you want skincare products for oily skin that feel weightless and looking refreshed? Check out the Stellar Restoration Retinol Serum by Klur. Founder and esthetician Lesley Thorton really put in the work on this life changing serum. With vitamins A, C, and B, this formula works to improve skin texture, radiance and clarity in just a couple of pumps. The aloe vera base keeps this formula feeling light on the skin. Not adding more oily, heavy texture.

Shop: Stellar Restoration Retinol Serum

6. Moisturizer

Tata Harper's Clarifying Moisturizer is a balancing gel facial moisturizer that uses BHAs to hydrate and soothe skin. It keeps your skin moisturized without congesting by balancing blemish-causing oil and targeting blemishes with salicylic acid.


Shop: Tata Harper's Clarifying Moisturizer 


7. Oil

It seems oily skin types are really attracting some interesting looking products. Meet Pai’s Carbon Star. This unusual looking, black face oil harnesses the power of vegetable charcoal and black cumin seed to help you balance and control imperfections. Looking for a fast skin care routine for oily acne prone skin? Apply this gorgeous black oil overnight and wake up to clearer skin.


Shop: Carbon Star

8. SPF

All skin types on every human on this planet MUST use sunscreen. Bottom line, no exceptions. And you absolutely MUST get your hands on this revolutionary SPF from EleVen by Venus Williams. The Unrivaled Sun Serum SPF 40 is the first of its kind. A mineral SPF in a serum format that delivers sun protection without feeling thick on the face or leaving a white, chalky cast. Developed by Venus Williams, this formula packs a serious serving of hydration with nourishing ingredients like prickly pear extract.


Shop: Unrivaled Sun Serum SPF 40

9. Treatment

Someone told me that the Plenaire Violet Paste Overnight Blemish Treatment is a 70 year old French recipe and I immediately bought it. Then I fell in love with its incredible ability to stop breakout inflammation in its tracks. Put a little dab on your breakouts and the miracle recipe will help calm redness overnight, fight off bad bacteria and clarify the spot. 

Shop: Violet Paste Overnight Blemish Treatment

To recap, oily skin really loves to feel fresh and clean. The key is to not overly strip it of its natural hydration by using harsh ingredients. Credo’s assortment of products are the key to unlocking skin you will love! Stop by one of our stores to get custom recommendations, or chat live with our Clean Beauty Experts to uncover more products that suit your unique skin needs. Just tap on the chat bubble at the bottom right of your screen to get started!



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