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CBD and Hemp Oil in Beauty and Skincare

By Mia Davis

There is a good chance you’re either already using CBD or you’re wondering about CBD. We get a lot of questions about this “buzzy” ingredient, so we prepared this digest for you.

First things first: what is CBD?

CBD stands for cannabidiol. It is one of over 80 cannabinoids, which are natural compounds, found in the hemp (or cannabis) plant. It is the second most abundant cannabinoid in the plant after THC. CBD is not psychoactive like the cannabinoid THC is. That is, CBD cannot get anyone high, no matter how much you use.

So, CBD is not the same thing as hemp or cannabis oil or flowers--it is a compound found within these plants.

CBD skincare products come in two different forms:

1)  as a part of a full-spectrum oil, meaning that the plant oil is extracted from the whole hemp plant and the CBD and the dozens of other cannabinoids are all there hanging out together (with THC being less than 0.3% of the mixture in hemp oil), or

2) as CBD isolate. An isolate means that the chemical compound has been isolated-- pulled out of-- its original “home” in the plant.  CBD is not the only natural compound people isolate; this happens in pharmaceutical medicine, street drugs, and yes, in beauty. For example, “natural” fragrances commonly used in clean beauty are physically extracted from plants and then mixed together to create a new fragrance. A strawberry scent might built from dozens of isolated chemicals that came from plants other than a strawberry.

And what about hemp and cannabis-- are they the same?

Hemp and marijuana are both cannabis plants, and both contain CBD and dozens of other cannabinoids, but at different levels. There are many hybrids and strains of cannabis too, which is why a person can experience very different effects using different plants. Due to federal and state laws (marijuana is illegal to sell outside of licensed dispensaries), the only cannabis compounds you will find at Credo come from hemp plants.

What are the effects and benefits of using hemp and/or CBD oil?

Studies have shown that CBD (and other cannabinoid compounds) can interact with the body's own endocannabinoid system, which may help to ease pain, anxiety and other ailments. While the role of hemp oil (and specifically CBD) is less studied in skincare, hemp oil has been used by people for thousands of years, and is known to be rich in essential fatty acids and phytonutrients. Its use as an ingredient in skincare and beauty products like lotion, serum and lip balm is relatively new... and so far, users have glowing reviews.

Credo is working with our brand partners that use hemp oil and/or CBD to ensure we extend our Credo Clean Standard to this exciting plant ingredient as well.  We will ensure brands are sourcing high quality hemp-derived products and using terminology that is accurate and understandable to the consumer.