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Sustainability Matters – The Elimination of Single Use

Sustainability Matters – The Elimination of Single Use
By: Mia Davis, VP of Sustainability and Impact

As of June 1, 2021, Credo will be the first beauty retailer to eliminate “single-use” items, the first step to our industry-leading 
Sustainable Packaging Guidelines (SPG). Credo is committed to substantially reduce the amount of waste created and to lead a movement that inspires the entire beauty industry and beyond. Knowing 120 billion beauty packages are created annually and 90% end up as waste (in a landfill, incinerator or as pollution in the environment), the first step is to eliminate the products that are simply used once and then tossed (single use). Most of these items will still be intact in the landfill, or degrade into small toxic pollution, for decades or more.

The 1st SPG milestone (June 1, 2021) will mark the elimination of:

  • Single-use sheet masks, makeup wipes, treatment pads, etc
  • Skincare spatulas or similar items that are unnecessary to enjoy the product
  • Credo’s sampling program as we know it! Sample sachets/packettes are huge contributors to single-use waste; and Credo distributed 660,000 samples in 2020. This ends on 6/1/2021.
This is a major business decision, but it is time to make real, actionable commitments that will drastically reduce our impact on the environment. Credo is dedicated to working with our brands to find better alternatives like reusable cloths and pads. Some of our brands are already walking the walk: One Love Organics has never used sampling in their decade of business and Marie Veronique is getting rid of all single-use packaging across the board (not just at Credo).

Our commitment will keep many thousands of packets from becoming pollution, and will prevent 3000 pounds of single use sheet masks from ending up in the trash.

Seeing the chasing arrows recycling triangle on a package DOES NOT automatically mean that the material is recyclable. Plastic type #1, #2 and #5 are most likely to be recycled in your curbside bin. But plastic types #3, #4 and #7 are almost definitely not going to be recycled in your blue bin–Even if the maker of the package put chasing arrows triangle on the package. Credo advocates for the resin code to be on all plastic packages, but not the recycling symbol, unless the package type is widely recycled.

More about Mia Davis:

Mia is the VP of Sustainability and Impact at Credo. Her career began in the environmental health movement. In 2007, she co-led the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics. Davis was Head of Environment, Health and Safety at Beautycounter for 5 years, and she's now helping Credo brands and customers define and lead the "clean beauty" sector.

Learn more about our Sustainable Packaging Guidelines here.