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Serums vs. Oils: How They Work

By Sasha Wordlaw, Clean Beauty Expert, Credo Los Angeles A question most often asked is "how to pick the right face serum and/or oil for my skin type."Hi, I’m Sasha, and I’m a Clean Beauty Expert in...
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Choosing the Right Exfoliator with Goldfaden MD

By Lauren Wolk-Goldfaden, VP of Sales at Goldfaden MD Exfoliation (why it matters) Out with the old, meaning skin cells that are needlessly hanging around, dulling things up - and in with the new, ready-to-glow...
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Essential Oil Basics and Immunity-Boosting Blends

By Amy Galper, member of our Credo Clean Beauty Council and Co- author of Plant Powered Beauty and founder of NYC's first aromatherapy school. The beauty of using essential oils goes way beyond their proven ability...
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Clean Beauty Routine for New and Expecting Moms

Hi, I’m Destiny and I’m the Store Manager at Credo’s Upper East Side location in Manhattan. As a new mom, it’s super important for me to be using clean beauty products, both when I was...
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