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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: 2023

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: 2023

By Joshua Pierce, Head of Education at Credo

What holiday would be complete without us coming through with all the latest and greatest, giftable clean beauty?


We love to love you at Credo! So we’re back with another Valentine’s Day gift guide. No matter who you may be thinking of this Vday; this Valentine’s Day gift guide is sure to help you snag the perfect gift to express your love. Our team has assembled a lineup of products that many of our clients request each year. We have heart eyes for this entire selection of unique Valentine’s Day gifts and know you will too. 
Gifting Fragrance
Fragrance is the number ONE gift request we get at Credo. Let’s start there!


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder… so I guess that means scent is in the nose of the beholder??? What we’re trying to say is that everyone loves an array of different fragrance notes. For the bolder personalities in your life, fragrances of amber and sandalwood are perfect gifts. For the softer folks, fragrances of rose and bergamot are a great place to start. Check out the fragrance profiles of these seductive scents for the perfect vday gift: Henry Rose Flora CarnivoraSana Jardin Jaipur ChantEllis Brooklyn Super Amber.


Gifting Self Care
Giving someone the gift of indulging in themselves is worth its weight in gold these days. We think body care is the way to go when looking for the perfect vday gift because just about every living human loves taking a moment to reset and recharge. Especially with a luxurious body lotion made with potent floral extract for an extra silk skin. Who doesn’t want a night to themselves, free of the day’s burdens? Whip up a hot bath, get out the body scrubs and slather on the lotions! These products are sure to score: Saint Jane Hydrabloom Body SilkOsea Undaria Algae Body OilFollain Resurfacing Body Scrub.



Gifting Smooches
Pucker up buttercup! Are you planning on getting a great big smacker this Vday? Or maybe you’re planning on giving some sugar away?? Lacquer your lips in the cleanest lip colors in town. Nudes, natural lovers will go gaga for Westman Atelier! Those who are attracted to sparkle and shine will swoon over the NEW Exa All Smiles Universal Glow Lip Oils. Credo has the BEST assortment of clean color around. You’re sure to smooch with anything in this roundup: Westman Atelier Lip Suede Les NudesRóen Liquid Lip Balm in JudeExa All Smiles Universal Glow Lip Oils.


Gifting Relaxation
You may be asking us… what do I do if I don’t know what perfume someone wears or lip colors that will suit them??? Our answer is the age old catch all for all gift giving holidays: Just get them a candle!!! You’re in luck because our candles are absolutely divine and make for a great vday gift. Our candle selection has everything from inviting vanilla to intoxicating jasmine to scintillating tahitian gardenia. You’re sure to find just the right one! A few universal favorites include: Henry Rose Queens and MonstersNette Another LifeLe Paradis Bora Bora.


As always, when looking for unique Valentine’s Day gifts, you can chat about the perfect vday gift to give with one of our Clean Beauty Experts by clicking on the chat bubble at the lower right of your screen. Our team can help pick out shades, describe scents and even send you pictures of what products look like on the skin! Try it out!


Have a happy Valentine’s Day!