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  • Our New Year's Skincare Resolution

    Posted on December 30 2016

    written by Amy Galper, Credo's Education Director and In-House Beauty Expert

    Credo Beauty New Year's Skincare Resolution

    2017 is here, and we can all relate to committing to a fresh new list of new year’s resolutions, like : “Exercise”, “Go Paleo,”, “Sleep More,” “Meditate Everyday,” But how about when it comes to our skincare routines? Shouldn’t we also give that a reset too?

    Winter is the perfect time to dive into some new self-care practices, and with 2017 rebooting how we take care of our skin is a great place to start.

    Healthy glowing skin starts with good skincare habits. Here are a few best practices we thought we’d share to inspire you to jump start your healthier 2017 skincare regime.

    Cleansers of de mamiel and josh rosebrook

    Featuring: de Mamiel Restorative Cleansing Balm, Josh Rosebrook Complete Moisture Cleanse

    1. Always cleanse your face before bed. Remove make-up and take the time to rinse the day off with warm water and a cleanser that can effectively remove grime and particulates. Not only will the dust of the day be washed away, but the simple act of cleansing can also help our minds wash away stressful thoughts and feelings.


    2. After bedtime cleansing, take time to gently massage a luxurious face oil or serum, highlighted by the aroma-therapeutic benefits of essential oils, into your face. Our face muscles can actually hold a lot of tension, so a gentle massage of nutritive nut and seed oils high in essential fatty acids can help reduce inflammation, support cellular regeneration and soothe muscle tightness. Choose a face oil or beauty serum scented with organic essential oils that will provide the added benefit of quieting your thoughts, soothing your emotions and make you feel (and smell) beautiful.

    Patyka Mask

    3. Use a mask once a week. Find one night a week and reserve it for a face mask. Masks are a rich way to make you slow down, self-nurture and (literally) not move. They are a great way to detox, cleanse and start over.

    4. Moisturize daily after every time you cleanse. Our skin needs the support of moisturizers and emollients to ensure our skin’s barrier function is operating at its best. When our skin barrier is compromised, we lose moisture and experience rough dry and cracked skin. Continual moisturizing can greatly benefit our skin’s overall structure and function.

    5. Morning cleansing should be gentle, and non-drying. And depending on skin-type, a few splashes of warm water may be all that is needed.

    Once you get your new rhythm going, there will be no going back!

    Thanks Amy! If you need any recommendations, please call 1-844-MYCREDO (1-844-692-7336) or email 

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  • Foundation Matching and Undertones Demystified

    Posted on December 03 2016

    Vapour Undertone Image
    Vapour’s globally inclusive shade range

    Artists are familiar with color as a language for expression and the same goes for Makeup Artists. But, with skin as their canvas, Makeup Artists have the unique challenge of selecting colors that will harmonize with a person’s specific surface skin color and their subtler undertones.

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  • Our Absolutely Beautiful 2016 Gift Guide

    Posted on December 01 2016

    Credo's 2016 Gift Guice

    Load up your loved ones with little luxuries. Shop our picks.

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  • Say Goodbye to Breakouts

    Posted on October 24 2016

    We love Zyderma HS® Clarifying Cream for how well it works on troubled skin without creating trouble!

    Zyderma Before and After Credo

    Many topical and prescribed products used to treat acne compromise the skin’s own defense system, known as the microbiome (microflora that reside in the stratum corneum, and play a significant role to help heal and protect the skin). They contain harsh, dirty ingredients that have contraindications and can strip away these organisms that our skin relies upon to maintain its healthy and balanced appearance; treating only the symptoms and not the cause (i.e. colonization of bacteria).

    Zyderma’s Clarifying Cream differs from many topical products, as it is drug-free, formulated with only skin nurturing ingredients like MicroSilverBGTM that reduces the colonization and growth of harmful bacteria and microorganisms; and, it helps to support the skin's own natural healing process.

    Using the cream is super simple (wash, dry & then apply). What’s truly amazing is that it works all day, or until washed off. Even under make-up! If you’re wondering how that’s possible, we’d love to tell you. MicroSilverBGTM continuously releases silver ions which effectively deactivate the nasty organisms on the surface of your skin which can cause or worsen acne symptoms. Better yet, this hero ingredient is nano-free which means its particle size is so large that it simply cannot be absorbed into your skin. It stays there working away to protect your skin; hence the name, SilverShieldTM.

    Supporting a healthy skin balance is a safe and responsible approach to skin care, especially for those who suffer from acne prone and problem skin.

    All components of the formulation are Eco Certified and no contraindications exist. It does not contain parabens, phenoxyethanol, nanoparticles, silicon, PEG, synthetic perfumes and dyes, or animal-derived ingredients. MicroSilver BGTM is also included in the Certified Natural Products Association, registered in the Vegan Society, and registered with the BDIH organization.


    Written by Kelly Muciy- Co Founder of Zyderma HS

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  • What is an Ingredient?

    Posted on October 10 2016

    What is an ingredient?

    Becoming more conscious about what we put on our skin means we are paying closer attention to the ingredients found in our skin and body care products. This is especially important as more and more research surfaces showing how many of the chemicals present in our cosmetics are proving to be concerning for our health and the environment.


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