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Therapi Honey Skincare

Therapi Honey Skincare

Therapi Honey Skincare Video The story of Therapi is one of love, luck and inspiration: a love affair with bees; the luck to meet some very talented people who have helped shape the company; and the occasional spark of genius which has helped formulate Therapi’s range of unique organic honey skincare products.

But mostly it is the story of the bee and its exquisite relationship with flowers. Bees have created the great diversity of flora and fauna of our planet through 100 million years of evolution. They are central to the story of beauty itself, the beauty of our shared home – Earth.

The company’s aims are simple: to create the best naturally-derived and organic honey skincare products, which benefit not only the user but also the natural world in all its diversity and splendour. Therapi: organic honey skincare in harmony with you and the planet.