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Example Lipstick [copy]

There are a variety of natural ways to keep your acne under control and protect your skin from forming more. Acne treatments such as cleansers, balancers and oils are an effective way to reduce pimples, blackheads, whiteheads and more.

Many of Credo’s acne treatments include natural anti-bacterial ingredients such as babassu oil and blue tansy. These work to reduce the formation of acne and also have anti-inflammatory benefits. Our cleansers provide deep cleaning to the pores of the skin, preventing any bacteria from collecting while balancing oils help to regulate the production of sebum.

These acne skin care products are created to provide relief, faster healing, minimal scarring, and a visible improvement in skin health. So be sure to take a look through our various facial creams and anti-acne treatments to find one that works for your skin type.

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