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Nail & Cuticle Salve

Fig + Yarrow

Nail & Cuticle Salve

$ 20.00
Nail & Cuticle Oil

French Girl

Nail & Cuticle Oil

$ 20.00
Replenish Organic Nail & Cuticle Oil

While moisturizing and treating your hair and skin with lotions and conditioning masks keeps them healthy, your fingernails often stay forgotten. Moisturizing nails and cuticles makes them less brittle, shinier and gives them a professionally groomed look.

Our range of nail treatments include clean salves and oils that nourish the cuticles and nails with hydrating herbs and botanical extracts. These natural ingredients work to strengthen the nails and prevent chipping and cracking. Some of Credo’s clean nail and cuticle treatments also act as moisturizers for hands, feet, and sensitive areas to provide complete and safe hydration with organic ingredients.

Credo is committed to bring you clean skincare and beauty products such as facial oils, lip care balms and hair treatments. Browse and order the right clean beauty treatment that works for you.

Totally clean, super good, absolutely beautiful.


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