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Matte Lipstick Refill

Plum (deep red)
Plum (deep red)
Plum (deep red)
Plum (deep red)
Plum (deep red)
Plum (deep red)
Plum (deep red)
final sale
Plum (deep red)
Plum (deep red)
Plum (deep red)
Plum (deep red)
Plum (deep red)
Plum (deep red)
Plum (deep red)
final sale La Bouche Rouge, Paris

Matte Lipstick Refill

Matte Lipstick Refill

A 99% natural origin matte lipstick refill, perfect for All skin types.

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Deep Red
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Matte Lipstick Refill

Plum (deep red)
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Suitable for

All skin types including dry, mature, sensitive, combination, and normal.

Why we stand behind it

We recommend the La Bouche Rouge Matte Lipstick Refill because it contains up to 99% natural origin ingredients, is free from petroleum derivatives or silicone, and provides unparalleled comfort and hold on the lips. It not only delivers beautiful color but also cares for your lips simultaneously.

Key ingredients

Saint Suliac Seaweed: Offers a rejuvenating treatment for the lips, hydrates, restores natural color, and redefines contours. Three Golden Oils: Organic Virgin Jojoba Oil: Provides protection and hydration. Vegetable Squalane from Olives: Offers exceptional emollient properties with a silky touch. Shea Butter: Known for its nourishing capabilities. Hyaluronic Acid Combined with Vegetal Castor Oil: Deeply moisturizes and plumps the lips. Vitamin E: Acts as an antioxidant to protect and smoothen the lips. Pigment Infusion Process: Ensures intense color with comfortable application and long-lasting wear. Formula Benefits:
Free from silicon or microplastics. Vegan and cruelty-free.

this product meets

The Credo Clean Standard™

Every product we offer meets our industry leading standards for safety and sustainability.

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This product is


What is an undertone?

An undertone is the color beneath the surface of your skin, which never changes (even with a tan). There are three types of undertones:


I see red or pink undertones around the perimeter of my face and neck.
My skin burns easily, but barely tans.
My skin looks better in silver jewelry than gold.


I see both pink and yellow undertones around the perimeter of my face and neck.
My skin sometimes burns and sometimes tans.
My skin looks good in both gold and silver jewelry.


I see yellow or golden undertones around the perimeter of my face and neck.
My skin rarely burns, but tans easily.
My skin looks better in gold jewelry than silver.

Find your shade match

Take our 1 minute quiz and get matched to real people with your skin tone and type.


Remove the tube from the paper case and insert it into the black vegan leather lipstick case (sold separately).
Sweep directly onto lips, working product from heart to corners.

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La Bouche Rouge, Paris

Since launching in 2017, La Bouche Rouge has been defining a new standard in pure, sustainable beauty as the French Clean Beauty Pioneer. Concerned that the Cosmetics industry is the third largest environmental polluter, and that 83% of the Earth’s water is filled with plastic, La Bouche Rouge has decided to avoid the use of plastic from the product itself, to the formula and production processes. Starting with the lipstick as its icon, the Paris-based makeup Maison has set out to unite French traditional craftsmanship, and eco-responsibility. In 2020 the Maison has grown its collection to a full sustainable and revolutionary make up line – clean, microplastic-free and refillable. The range was created through the prism of the Maison’s four main values: responsibility, sustainability, traceability and creativity. Beauty for you and the planet.

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